Bamboo fly rods are beautiful, but I also believe they’re exceptional fishing tools – especially the hollow-built bamboo fly rods I painstakingly hand craft in my shop.

They’re lighter, dampen quicker, and offer a livelier feel in the hand than solid-built bamboo rods.

In simple terms, they offer the beauty and nostalgia of of yesterday’s bamboo, but cast and fish better than bamboo fly rods ever have.

Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rod

These are not your father’s slow, heavy bamboo rods.

Hand Crafted. River Tested.

The Upper Sacramento River is my home water, and I fish it year round.

My grips and components are carefully selected to perform well on the river, and I create tapers that feel light in the hand – but deliver lots of feedback, exceptional loop control, easy aerial mends and tireless casting.

Simply put, I build my rods to fish 100+ days a year — in rain, snow, sun and wind — because that’s what I do.

Plus, I fish with anglers like Jimmie Reams, Tom Chandler, Dave Roberts and others — people who fish a lot, and aren’t shy about letting me know when a prototype isn’t cutting it.

Any prototype that doesn’t cut it simply never gets built again.