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Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods Builds Nymph Stick!

Guess there is a first time for everything!  New, in stock, is an 8 footer, in 3 piece configuration.  A thicker tip section allows the fly fisherman to nymph without the usual tip collapse should the terminal tackle be substantial.  ALSO, this is a go to rod for windy conditions on big western water, and/or throwing large bugs- hoppers and stoneflies.

Raine Bamboo Fly Rods 8' Bamboo Nymphing Rod

Raine Bamboo Fly Rods 8′ Bamboo Nymphing Rod

Len Codella now handling Raine hollowbuiilt bamboo fly rods now features Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods.

Social Media Blitz! New Facebook Page! Raine Hollowbuilt Fly Rods!

Just launched my Facebook Page.  Nice pictures of the Upper Sac, including Mossbrae Falls, my bamboo fly rods, and my older son!  If you have the time and inclination, please “like” this page, so that I can do a little more work with it.

Mossbrae Falls on the Upper Sac, courtesy  Steven Davis

Mossbrae Falls on the Upper Sac, courtesy
Steven Davis



Bamboo Rod Making Class Photos from 2010!

Here are some great pictures from a bamboo rod making class a couple of years ago.  These two guys are long-time friends, and shared a week together with me at my shop building bamboo fly rods!

Upper Sac Fishing Report 3.26.13


Flows are up on the Upper Sac.  And down!  A few days ago, Delta was up to about 2000 cfs.  With cold nights, the flows have dropped to just over 1000cfs.  Today is cloudy, with a little drizzle.  BWO’s may show themselves today!  River water temps have been too low for the best fishing.  As water temps rise up into the high-40’s this week, surface activity should increase. Balancing rising water temps with the rising flows will be the trick.

Look out for the fuzzy-cheeked fluff-chuckers as they make their way to our river.  Saw a couple of them in town yesterday.

More Rod Building Classes Added to 2013 Schedule

Those wanting an opportunity to take classes this year, please note that more bamboo rod making classes have been scheduled!  The students start with a culm of bamboo on Sunday afternoon, and end up with a finished bamboo fly rod on Saturday.


Check out the new bamboo rod building classes on the header.

Upper Sac Fishing Report 10.19.12

Upper Sac Fishing Report 10.19.12

The October Caddis are flying, but not in the quantities that have the fish too interested.  A trip up beyond Mossbrae Falls then back down below Prospect yielded one rise to the large dry fly.  It was a nice sized wild rainbow below the tailout at Hedge Creek.  It is a few weeks too early to expect much activity.  The 7th to 10th of November should see the die-off start, and the trout will be very interested in the big dry.  The emergence is still occurring letting the trout get fed quickly as the big caddis make their journey through the water column.

I will start a short tutorial on how I fish this bug for large trout, time permitting.  November is the best month to fish dries with bamboo fly rods on the Upper Sac.  Remember you heard it here first.

Upper Sac Fishing Report 6.19.2012

If you are thinking about fly fishing the Upper Sac, stop thinking, and start driving here.  It is simply awesome.  The number of different bugs on the river is amazing.  Stoneflies,  yellow sallies,  drakes, caddis, small mayflies, you name it, it’s flying!

Upper Sac Mayfly June 2012









This little fella was on the door of my bamboo rod shop this am.  A size 18 or so.  Beautiful little bug, and just the thing to cast at 8 pm tonight.  A jumbo-sized black ant is the ticket for the hot afternoons these days, but for  gulping fish of the twilight hour this is the ticket.

Bob Quigley passed a week ago today.  The fly fishing world has lost a great one.

The City of Dunsmuir has started it Big Fish Program today.  The City has a Private Stocking Permit, and is putting rather large fish throughout town.  These are the same fish that some people pay a $150.00 a day to fish for over in Shasta County.  Hint hint.  If you are ok with stocked fish, here is an opportunity to catch and play really big fish.   Up to 14 pounds.

The weather has been great, the fishing has been wonderful.  Pressure has been non-existent.  I went down to a local parking area Sunday afternoon, and was the only one there.  I had miles of blue ribbon Upper Sac River to myself.  Thank-you!  But I really couldn’t cover all that water all by myself.  So come on up.


Upper Sac Fishing Report Zone 1 June 3, 2012

Upper Sac Fishing Report Zone 1 June 3, 2012

Here is a short video of bamboo fly rods on the Upper Sac from Sunday.  In the first clip, you can see the trout rising.  This was shot in the middle of the day, a time which many guides will tell you that nymphing is the only way to fish the Upper Sac.  As you can see, this is not so.  Using the right dry fly pattern, with the correct attributes, will have the dry-fly-man handily out-fishing the tyro with bead head nymphs.
It’s easy to tie on a “Parachute Adams” and tell everyone that you were fishing dry flies, but that’s not what’s really going to work on the Upper Sac over time.  As stated earlier, to be a good dry fly man, you must find the attributes that the fish want in a bug.  The flies in the fly bin are not going to produce the same way as a well-tied fly that possesses the attributes that the fish see in their real food.

This movie clip shot on the Upper Sac demonstrates this.  Fishing in the heat of the day in Dunsmuir is no easy task.  Observing the trout, and seeing where he was feeding, along with what he was eating (binoculars are as necessary as your fly rod) makes for a one-cast, one-take experience.

Fishing bamboo on the Upper Sac, or any other freestone doesn’t mean you need a fly that floats high and dry.  It means that you need to have a fly that the fish will take on the first drift.  A fly that rides low in the water or a fly that needs to be dressed every few casts is not a nuisance when the trout will take it on the first well-presented drift!

This fish, and one other, were caught in full sun, in the middle of the day.   This run is easily 5 feet deep.  As I have stated earlier, fish on the Upper Sac are always looking up.  They need to in order to survive.  What took them to the surface were imitations that possessed the right attributes.

The rod I am now using for fly fishing the Upper Sac is my prototype of the “Fin”.  It is a great rod for this kind of river, and with 2 different tips will handle 2 different fly lines.  A really versatile performer for the dry fly man.

There are so many different insects on the Upper Sac that it is hard to have all of the imitations in your fly box.  What is absolutely amazing is the fact that often times the wild rainbows on the Upper Sac will take a fly tied to imitate a completely different insect because the attributes are shared between ties!

The dry fly man, with a good bamboo rod in his hands, can fish and catch fish consistently on the Upper Sac, just as long as his fly box has the right flies in it.


It’s Not the Fly, It’s the Tie: Patterns that Kill with Bamboo Fly Rods on the Upper Sac!

If you fish with bamboo fly rods chances are you may be a bit of a crank.   You want things to be just so when you fish the Upper Sac.  Choosing the right fly is one of the rituals.  The right fly is all to do with size, shape, and color.  Not.

Upper Sac Fly Box for Bamboo Fly Rod Fishers

There is one iconoclast in fly fishing, and that man is Bob Quigley.  He set the dry fly men on their asses.  Look at Bob Quigley’s flies.  Not “Quigley Cripples” or anything else that might end up in the fly bins of your local store with Quigley’s name on them.

Look at the flies that Bob Quigley ties himself.  The pattern is the score.  The vise is the piano.  The person tying is the pianist.  It is in the subtleties that genius emerges.  When Bob Quigley ties a bug, the genius is apparent.

Watching him tie is an “ah-hah” moment.  When you get it you get it.  It’s not the proportions, it’s not the size or shape or color.  It is the sum of the whole of the parts:  It is the attributes of the tie.

I have a dozen flies or so tied by Bob while he spent time at my shop.  They are reference flies.  They have been tied by one of the greatest men in modern dry fly history, and the man, Bob Quigley, knows how to fish.

These flies have the attributes of patterns that kill.  What they represent, how they float, how they react on the water, are so close to the naturals that the trout can’t tell the difference.

Are Quigley’s flies the silver bullet for success on the Upper Sac? Yes.

Are Quigley’s flies what fly fishers with bamboo fly rods should use?  Of course!

Most fly patterns are derivative. A nice copy of a nice fly.  Or a copy of a copy.  Not so with a Bob Quigley fly.  Herein lies the genius.  When Bob is at his vise, he ties and sees how the fly will behave on the water. The thousands of hours Bob Quigley has spent on dry fly water are unequaled by any other tiers.  Tough waters.  Fall River.  The Wood.  The Williamson.  Tough waters.  And his ties produce.

Dry Flies for Fishing the Upper Sac with Bamboo Fly Rod

Buying any of Bob’s videos will help any dry fly man with a bamboo fly rod.   Getting some of Bob’s flies will help you break the code when it comes to ties that kill.  Marrying Bob’s techniques with the bugs you see on the Upper Sac will allow you to have the bug that the fish want.

And contrary to what the guides say about fish needing to “look up”, rainbow trout are always looking up on the Upper Sac.  It is how they survive in their hardy environment.




The dry fly man, with bamboo fly rod and flies that kill, is the alpha male on the Upper Sac.