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Olson Breaks in Raine Bamboo Fly Rod

A customer of mine has sent me a picture of his Raine Bamboo Fly Rod stream-side!  Just under 21″ and right at 4 pounds!

Customer Breaking in Raine Bamboo Fly Rod

Customer Breaking in Raine Bamboo Fly Rod



Raine Bamboo Fly Rod

Hi Chris:

Your rod arrived yesterday, just in time for me to load it in the car and leave for the East Branch. When we arrived, I put a line on it, and you were right, absolutely casts beautifully, and shooting line and distance is not a problem. Then it was off to the river on a cool June night with not a lot of hatching. Around 8:30 a few pale evening duns began, and at about 8:45, I rose and land this 18/19 inch brown on a #16 PED spinner, algae and all. Not a bad way to initiate your rod. And no trouble tiring this fish out. Finally I have two rods, both from you that, cast well, fish well, and can handle large fish, traits that I never found in cane rods before! So thanks for making it for me and when my friend tries it, hopefully he will be in touch. 
Best regards,



Brace of Bamboo Fly Rods for Sale: Nils Patraw, Maker: Rocket Scientist, IBM, DARPA

Up for sale are two hand-crafted bamboo fly rods from Nils Patraw, Rocket Scientist.  These are well-made split bamboo fly rods built by a retired rocket scientist, with several patents to his name.  As you can see from the images, both rods have mortised butt sections.  It appears that the  ferrules are CSE and the reel seats are Bellinger.  One spacer is a nice Redwood burl, and the other looks to be Amboyna burl.  Both seats are uplock, threaded barrel.  Ferrules and guides are bright nickel silver, as well as the reel seat furniture.


Both are two piece, two tipped rods.  Wraps are Java Beige, with translucent finish.  The longer rod is a matte finish, and the shorter rod is finished high gloss.


The longer rod is 7’9″ for a 4/5 weight line.


The 7 footer is for a 2 weight.


To this day, Mr. Patraw’s whereabouts remain somewhat of a mystery, however, in his own words,

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! During the 80’s as a Member of the Technical Staff of HUGHES Space and Strategic Engineering Division I wrote a research paper (white paper) on subjects of Space-borne Supercomputing. I had been attempting to solve some of the technology bottlenecks that limited speed-power/propagation delay, data throughput and power consumption problems of then current supercomputing “state of he art”. My research became funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and folded into the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Most people would remember this as “Star Wars”. My patents that are generally listed are just some of those commercially applicable. As you may guess, most of it is classified. More interesting, I think, few people know that I had a one – on- one discussion (1994) with President (“just call me Bill, Nils”) Clinton just off the tarmac at Moffet Field not far from Air Force One. I was involved with guidance electronics R&D for the THAAD Interceptor Missile at Lockheed Missile Systems, Sunnyvale, California. The Democrats wanted to cut the R&D funding of this missile because of of all the criticism of earlier programs like Patriot Missile. I remember terms like Billion- Dollar-Boondoggles, etc. The President asked me: “Nils, will these missiles ever work?” I reassured President Clinton: “With the Nations continued support, rest assured Bill, THAAD Systems will become…….”. 

So long for now folks, Please do something for your country! 

Sincerely, Nils E. Patraw January 30, 2011.

Nils Patraw Bamboo Fly Rod

Nils Patraw Bamboo Fly Rod










The asking price for each rod is $995.00

9032 Rod casting a DT4 Weight line.

IMG_0269 Bamboo Fly Rod 9032Raine 7’6″ 3 piece 4 weight Bamboo Fly Rod   Bamboo Fly Rod 9032


Click on either link.

Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods Builds Nymph Stick!

Guess there is a first time for everything!  New, in stock, is an 8 footer, in 3 piece configuration.  A thicker tip section allows the fly fisherman to nymph without the usual tip collapse should the terminal tackle be substantial.  ALSO, this is a go to rod for windy conditions on big western water, and/or throwing large bugs- hoppers and stoneflies.

Raine Bamboo Fly Rods 8' Bamboo Nymphing Rod

Raine Bamboo Fly Rods 8′ Bamboo Nymphing Rod

Len Codella now handling Raine hollowbuiilt bamboo fly rods now features Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods.

Social Media Blitz! New Facebook Page! Raine Hollowbuilt Fly Rods!

Just launched my Facebook Page.  Nice pictures of the Upper Sac, including Mossbrae Falls, my bamboo fly rods, and my older son!  If you have the time and inclination, please “like” this page, so that I can do a little more work with it.

Mossbrae Falls on the Upper Sac, courtesy  Steven Davis

Mossbrae Falls on the Upper Sac, courtesy
Steven Davis



Bamboo Rod Making Class Photos from 2010!

Here are some great pictures from a bamboo rod making class a couple of years ago.  These two guys are long-time friends, and shared a week together with me at my shop building bamboo fly rods!

Upper Sac Fishing Report 3.26.13


Flows are up on the Upper Sac.  And down!  A few days ago, Delta was up to about 2000 cfs.  With cold nights, the flows have dropped to just over 1000cfs.  Today is cloudy, with a little drizzle.  BWO’s may show themselves today!  River water temps have been too low for the best fishing.  As water temps rise up into the high-40’s this week, surface activity should increase. Balancing rising water temps with the rising flows will be the trick.

Look out for the fuzzy-cheeked fluff-chuckers as they make their way to our river.  Saw a couple of them in town yesterday.

More Rod Building Classes Added to 2013 Schedule

Those wanting an opportunity to take classes this year, please note that more bamboo rod making classes have been scheduled!  The students start with a culm of bamboo on Sunday afternoon, and end up with a finished bamboo fly rod on Saturday.


Check out the new bamboo rod building classes on the header.