Raine Bamboo Fly Rod

Hi Chris:

Your rod arrived yesterday, just in time for me to load it in the car and leave for the East Branch. When we arrived, I put a line on it, and you were right, absolutely casts beautifully, and shooting line and distance is not a problem. Then it was off to the river on a cool June night with not a lot of hatching. Around 8:30 a few pale evening duns began, and at about 8:45, I rose and land this 18/19 inch brown on a #16 PED spinner, algae and all. Not a bad way to initiate your rod. And no trouble tiring this fish out. Finally I have two rods, both from you that, cast well, fish well, and can handle large fish, traits that I never found in cane rods before! So thanks for making it for me and when my friend tries it, hopefully he will be in touch. 
Best regards,



Posted by on January 7th, 2016

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