Upper Sac Fishing Report 6.19.2012

If you are thinking about fly fishing the Upper Sac, stop thinking, and start driving here.  It is simply awesome.  The number of different bugs on the river is amazing.  Stoneflies,  yellow sallies,  drakes, caddis, small mayflies, you name it, it’s flying!

Upper Sac Mayfly June 2012









This little fella was on the door of my bamboo rod shop this am.  A size 18 or so.  Beautiful little bug, and just the thing to cast at 8 pm tonight.  A jumbo-sized black ant is the ticket for the hot afternoons these days, but for  gulping fish of the twilight hour this is the ticket.

Bob Quigley passed a week ago today.  The fly fishing world has lost a great one.

The City of Dunsmuir has started it Big Fish Program today.  The City has a Private Stocking Permit, and is putting rather large fish throughout town.  These are the same fish that some people pay a $150.00 a day to fish for over in Shasta County.  Hint hint.  If you are ok with stocked fish, here is an opportunity to catch and play really big fish.   Up to 14 pounds.

The weather has been great, the fishing has been wonderful.  Pressure has been non-existent.  I went down to a local parking area Sunday afternoon, and was the only one there.  I had miles of blue ribbon Upper Sac River to myself.  Thank-you!  But I really couldn’t cover all that water all by myself.  So come on up.


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