My Opener on the Upper Sac 2012

The Upper Sac fishing season used to be restricted to the General Trout Season, or the last Saturday in April through November 15th.  We now have a Winter Season that covers the rest of the year.  But really 2 seasons.  I dress differently.  And fish differently.

The Upper Sac General Opener always finds the Upper Sac flowing high and fast.  The snaggers  nymph fishermen always seem to get out first, fishing the soft edges using enough weight,  hitting em on the head,  and using up all the neat catchphrases they have in every conversation.

I silently suffer through all of this because I know, one day, it will be my turn to fish the Upper Sac, on my opening day.  My opener is usually preceded by numerous conversations with an unnamed blogger about dropping flows, and “were there any mayflies on your shop door?”

So my opener was yesterday.  The flows were around 900 cfs at Delta.  The upper section was definitely wadable. The water was beautiful.  Tumbling diamonds sparkling in the sun.  Really.  Huge stoneflies fluttering around in the air and water.  Those fluttering on the water were lunch for the trout.  The unmentionable mayflies are on the water.

I tell myself that this is why I live in Dunsmuir, and suffer through the long, cold, wet, snowy winters.  A two-minute drive to the river.  And being able to fish the Upper Sac the first day it is fishable.

6 fish on and 3 to hand.  Bent bamboo fly rods and screaming Hardy reels. A couple of hours on the river.  Largest just under 16″.  And the bug they took?  What a surprise.




Posted by on May 28th, 2012

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