Another Friend Passes

My friend, Mark Latham, was a regular visitor to the shop and my home.  Mark and I knew each other for 35 years.  Last month he texted me from Texas.  He said he was going to visit my older son in Del Rio, then head back to California for openers on the Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers.

He died unexpectedly on the first of this month.

I was asked by his widow, Pam, to speak at his service .  She asked me if I would take Mark’s remains home with me for a service up here later in the year.  I agreed.  Pam wanted the service earlier in the month, but I was not available.

She asked if the 27th would work, and I agreed.  Sandy and I went down to Monterey County, and attended the service.  Afterwards, we visited Mark and Pam’s house and Mark’s son, Spencer, gave us Mark’s cremains.  We drove back to Dunsmuir on Saturday.  Late Saturday afternoon, we walked Mark down the back of the house to the river.  We put him next to Ted Fay’s plaque, and took this picture.

He got to sit on one of his favorite places on this river.  On opening day.  For the last time.

Goodbye, Mark.

Posted by on April 29th, 2012

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