Bamboo Rod Building Class February 2012

Dan traveled to Dunsmuir to build his first bamboo fly rod.  A Norcal Resident, Dan first learned to fly fish as a boy, and fished all the rivers of the lost coast for steelhead!

Dan chose my version of the Payne 100 as his build rod.  The 100 is a 7 1/2 foot 2 piece rod ideal for small streams, and in Dan’s case, bluegill as well!  Bamboo chosen is the oven tempered gold-toned bamboo that is the most popular look at Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods.

There are some great shots of Dan splitting cane.  Using the 3 legged widget for straightening the strips make the job go by fast! The strips came out great.  At the end of the day, Monday, Dan had split and straightened enough strips for the butt and tip sections.  Tuesday morning the plan is to continue straightening strips for a second tip.

Tuesday, Dan was able to straighten the remaining strips, including a set for a second tip.  The planing  form was set for the butt section of a Payne 100,  slightly modified.  One set of strips was prepped, with great attention paid to making sure the strips were dead flat through the nodes.  The plane irons were sharpened, and away he went.

By late afternoon, Dan had finished planing out the strips for the butt section.  The strips were dry-fit and inspected.  All strips were deemed near-perfect, so he went on to prep the next set of strips for a tip section.

Wednesday had Dan finish up the planing on the bamboo rod tips and he glued up both sections on the Raine Better Binder prototype.  The day finished up with Dan gluing up the rings for his handgrasp.

Thursday was just like Christmas, and the package to unwrap was a brand-new bamboo fly rod.  Most of the day was spent cleaning up the two bamboo rod blanks, cutting them to length and fitting up the nickle silver ferrules.   Dan chose to blacken the nickle silver and the contrast with the gold tone bamboo is striking!

This class “bled over” a little bit.  Dan stayed through the weekend, did a little pruning on the wisteria out front,  and got a good start on a second tip.  After test casting his rod, Dan and I headed for the river to give the bamboo fly rod its baptism.

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