Bamboo Fly Rod Building Class September 2011

East Meets West This Month!  Two students met this Sunday for a Bamboo Rod  Building Class at Raine Hollowbuilt Fly Rods.   Will is from Maine, and Dan from SoCal.  Sunday afternoon had both students casting bamboo fly rods, trying to decide which taper fit them and their fishing needs best!
After casting the DF90, the Upper Sac Special, and the Model 100, both students decided to build the DF 90, a fine 7′ 6″ two piece rod for a 5 weight.

The DF 90 is an E.C. Powell-based B  taper, with a fairly steep slope.  It is a great choice for the fly fisherman who fishes graphite, and wants to move into a quality bamboo fly rod.  Dan and Will chose to use the Payne method of culm selection and utilization.  The only difference so far has been that Will chose a 3×3 node stagger a la Leonard, and Dan opted for the 2x2x2 stagger in keeping with E.C. Powell.  Stay tuned as these two advance through the rod making process!


Wednesday’s work day was done before 5!!  Both Dan and Will ended up with some great rod sections.   As usual, everybody had glue on their hands, so no pictures of the glue-up!  The Raine Better Binder did a great job producing straight rod sections with no twists.  The students did a great job planing out their strips, so the seams were, well, seemless!

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