December Rod Making Class with a Man from Down Under!

This is a first for students taking my bamboo rod making class! My student for this week is from the other corner of the world, Australia! Tom, fresh into his retirement, has decided to try his hand at building bamboo fly rods. Monday he flamed his culm of bamboo, straightened, pressed and roughed out his strips. He is really taking like a duck to water with rod making. They have ducks in Australia? Gotta ask him!

This is a great video for those interested in taking a bamboo rod building class at Raine Hollowbuilt Fly Rods. The week is documented in detail, showing aspiring rod makers the intricacies involved in building the fine bamboo fly rod. You can see from the smile on Tom’s face while casting his new rod, that his week of rod building was well spent!

I have returned to Melbourne, shown my rod to family and friends, and the waiting list is growing (though at no cost that is to be expected). We are all amazed at how well it turned out, including myself.

When I knew retirement was around the corner, I spent some time looking for the best rod building course for myself; so in choosing your course I had pretty high expectations. Well I have to say the week exceeded every expectation I had! Your clear, patient but direct teaching style coupled with the personal attention was just superb. And just when I think I have forgotten something important, I find it in your syllabus or in my notes. What is so obvious is that in every step of the way, you have thought through the best and most practical way to get it accomplished with the best result in mind. The system for node straightening and pressing all the way up to your brilliant glue binder really are worth the price of admission alone.

So Chris, thank you very much for the education, the most enjoyable experience, and for your openness along the way. I just can’t recommend your course any more highly to anyone interested in building bamboo fly rods.

And on a similar note, I would like to be placed on your waiting list for the 8’3″ Quad similar to the one I cast. A lovely, light and so accurate rod. If you need a deposit, please advise.

And finally, please also put me down for a glue binder when it is ready. I have a few months of gathering equipment to put my shop together, so no hurry on that one. Again, when you are ready please let me know and I will forward money and details for the shipping as well.

So thanks again Chris, and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

And Merry Christmas,

Best Regards,


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