September 2010 Bamboo Fly Rod building class

This month’s bamboo rod making class got off to a roaring start! Cort jump-started his week with a 2-hour long briefing on Sunday afternoon at the shop.  A couple of hours talking about rod making, what to expect, what happens each day of the bamboo rod making class, what taper to build and a few other things makes Monday morning a real supercharged affair!

Cort selected a very nice piece of bamboo, deciding to go with the gold toned cane that I use in my bamboo fly rods.  Using the Garrison method of strip selection, and the Payne method of strip utilization, as well as my interpretation of both, is going to give Cord that gap-free, no glue line look to his fly rod. Most of today was taken up splitting cane, staggering nodes and straightening strips!

Cort chose the Payne 100 taper, as his fishing in the Sierras is mostly on small water.  Seems like most of the students of mine choose the Payne 100 or my 8 foot Upper Sac Special for their first rod.  Here is a picture collage of Monday:

Posted by on September 14th, 2010

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