Bamboo Fly Rod Building Class August 2010

Where does the time go?  Chris and Hugh were here for a week, but that was already a week ago!  Between early mornings and late evenings the time passed quickly, and I didn’t have the energy to update this blog as I usually do.  Below is a collage of pictures showing the two rodmakers at work.  How did things go for the two of them?  Easiest said by printing the letter I received from Chris:

Not counting close times with family, taking your rodmaking class last week was maybe the best time I’ve had in years.  Working with my hands to create something useful was extremely satisfying–I can see why you love it.  I’ve been fishing and “collecting” bamboo for over a decade, but I probably learned more about cane rods last week than in all that time. The fact that my rod turned out true and beautiful (and better than a @^$%&*#) on my first attempt was both inspiring and a very real testament to your methods of rodmaking and teaching.  Best of all, you’re just a damn good guy with a lot of patience, a generous spirit, and a refreshing sense of humor.  You and my classmate, (name redacted a la Tom Chandler), were great company.  I can’t wait to tool up to finish Tip #2.  I’m in your debt.

Hugh made the DF 90, a very nice performer, 7 foot 6 inch for a 5 weight.  He employed my size 13 Micro Ferrules in his build.  The gold tone cane with light brown wraps came out beautifully.
Chris chose the Model 100, a seven and a half footer for a 4 weight.  His rod, like Hugh’s came out in an advanced state.  Just a beautiful piece of work.
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