Splitting Cane: Wednesday Rod Building: Finish Planing and Glue Up!

Wednesday’s are “the long day” of rod building here at the shop. Strips for the bamboo fly rods are bound and dry-fit, any adjustments are made, then the strips are bundled together and glued up.

Jeff and Jon were fastidious in their planing and ended up with some very nice bamboo strips. The glue up can be an anxious time, as this is a no-going-back part of bamboo rod building. Any deficiencies in the glue up process can result in a lot of extra time straightening the rod section.  It is always best when the rod section comes out of the binder straight!

Surrounded by bamboo shavings, Jon puts the finishing touch on his strips

Jeff removes excess glue from his rod section

Posted by on June 10th, 2010

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