Tuesday May 2010 Rod Building Class Planing Tip Strips

John is way ahead of the curve as of the end of today.  He planed out his butt section, dry fit it, started on his tip section and also managed to split out another tip section of strips, and dropped them in the water to try his hand at “soaked” strips.  While not something I am particularly fond of, this is another method of straightening used by some makers.  He will have the chance to compare the two methods of straightening strips for bamboo fly rods and decide for himself.

John hand splitting strips for tip section of bamboo fly rod

John made quick work of hand planing his strips for his bamboo fly rod:

John planing out strips for his bamboo fly rod

Wednesday will find John busy with planing out his last strips, gluing up and a few other things getting him closer to finishing his bamboo fly rod.

Posted by on May 11th, 2010

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