Finished rods on Saturday

Saturday found us out across the street casting Gene and Wayne’s bamboo fly rods.    Both of the new rod builders ended up with beautiful fly rods-rods that were instant family heirlooms, and would turn the head of anyone that happened to walk by.

Wayne casting his newly-completed fly rod

Gene casts his newly-built Garrison 212e

Comparing the two newly-built rods was an interesting affair.  The Upper Sac Special felt smooth and throughout its length and the Garrison 212e was obviously stronger in the butt.  Gene had remarked during planing that Waynes numbers on his planing form were almost identical to his.  But what a difference in the actions! After giving their rods a thorough work out,   Gene and Wayne put their rods in the tubes, and were on their way home!

Posted by on May 3rd, 2010

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