Wednesday Rod Making Class Raine Hollowbuilt Fly Rods

Well, Wednesday was a blur!  Wayne and Gene got their bamboo rod sections glued up and they came out of the binder straight!

The instructor forgot the camera, so no photos  of Wednesday.

Here is one of Wayne admiring the efficiency of the air vise when it comes to straightening nodes:

Look ma, no hands!

The “straightening suite” used in the rod building class is simply top-drawer!  The combination of heat gun, Waara node press and air vice makes the classic work of node straightening a breeze!

It’s important to realize that heat gun temp and length of jaws on the air vises play an important role in “getting it right”.

We don’t saw strips.  We don’t grind down enamel here at the school.  No short cuts!  All of the steps are “Old School”, guaranteed to give you the look and performance equal to the masters of 60 years ago!

Posted by on May 2nd, 2010

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