Fall Fishing on the Upper Sac with bamboo fly rods!!

Having fished nine out of the last 10 fall seasons here on the Upper Sac, I have to say that this afternoon/evening was the best!  Ever!!!  I cannot believe the size of the fish after two summer seasons of small fish.  Where did these big bad fish come from?  The “Simplicity” hollowbuilt bamboo fly rod (the original, prototype) did a yeoman’s job.

“Kris’ Caddis” was le bug du jour.  Kris was in my shop two days ago, telling me about how well he had done on the Mac with his pattern.  He gave me a few.  They were….just about the same as my “secret fly” I had perfected over the last decade.  Except they cast better, floated…..better, and didn’t need to be dressed as often.  Sigh.  But, hey!  Who cares?  I got turned on to them, and they rock!  Pictures?  Sure.  I’ll take pictures of them….you’re looking a little blue……

Posted by on November 4th, 2009

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