The Care and Feeding of Bamboo Fly Rods

Ferrules are what hold your bamboo fly rods together! So why should you be concerned with them?  Well, properly made, and properly fit, they make your bamboo fly rod fishing experience more enjoyable.

Done wrong, they can seriously detract from your bamboo fly rod experience.


Here is a picture of a male ferrule measured on its end.  Very close to .278″.  The same ferrule measured at its shoulder:


It’s easy to see that the ferrule is quite smaller at the shoulder, than at its end.  If left alone?  Galling!

The first thing necessary when fitting ferrules is having the measuring devices that allow you to see these potential problems!


The “flip side” of this micrometer shows the vernier scale that enables the rod maker to measure to the tens of thousandths.  A must-do for proper ferrule fitting.  The previous two images show the front side of the outside micrometer, this is the back side of the same micrometer showing “tenths”.  Most important in bamboo fly rod making.

This is the intro to the weekly series, The Care and Feeding of Bamboo Fly Rods. Stay tuned!

Posted by on February 7th, 2009

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