Mother of all Bamboo Fly Rod Roughers?

One of the most physically demanding parts of building a bamboo fly rod is the rough-planing of the bamboo strips into 60 degree triangles.  It is a young man’s pleasure.  Certainly not something an older rod maker holds dear.  There are some great rough bevelers out there.  I know, because I have owned most of them from time to time.

It was easy for me to complain at length about how I would make  my rough beveler if I just wasn’t so lazy wasn’t too busy making rods.  Well, time to fess up.  I am now on the downhill side of my rougher build out.  And it’s looking good.

Due in large part to Forrest Maxwell’s fine cutter, I ordered the requisite materials and pushed forward.  The features I really felt important in roughing bamboo strips had a lot to due with speed, precision and eased of use.  Changing out wheels to accommodate differing widths of bamboo strips, making too many damn passes many minute cuts while trying to reduce the width of the strip, and the fiddling with multiple screws to adjust the depth height (keep in mind that most people making these things are not 6′ 5″ tall so adjusting depth of cut had me on my knees, literally and trying to focus up close looking through the upper part of my glasses!  Well, no more.

With the quick-change hold downs the only part left, the MOTHER OF ALL ROUGHERS is almost ready to shred bamboo!


Posted by on January 30th, 2009

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