Bamboo Fly Rods Catch Big Fish

One of my favorite places to fish my bamboo fly rods is right over the border in Oregon – some of the nicest water around is found only an hour or so from the rod shop.

For those in love with big bugsw, there’s even a hex hatch, though the timing can be tricky. But no trickier than navigating down the river in pitch dark (pinball anyone?).

More than a few of us feel that nothing wears down big fish faster than a bamboo fly rod (though not a too-light bamboo fly rod).

Some also feel that hollowbuilt split bamboo fly rods couldn’t possibly manage large trout, though here’s proof that’s just plain wrong:

Hollowbuilt bamboo fly rods can catch big trout

Hollowbuilt bamboo fly rods can catch big trout

While stronger bamboo fly rods aren’t exactly in demand from most anglers, big fish (as pictured above) are best caught on rods like my 3-piece CC or the 2-piece Big Dog Special.

While hollowbuilding is primarily done to improve a rod’s action, on the bigger models, it does result in significant enough weight reduction that the rods simply become more fishable over the course of a day.

Many bamboo fiends have sizable collections of short, light rods, but would serve themselves well to get at least one stronger rod – perfect when you’re throwing big flies for big fish. In those instances, line mass is our friend, and a rod capable of putting the wood to a big fish is even a better friend.

Posted by on December 11th, 2008

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