Raine Hollowbuilt Bamboo Fly Rods Find a New Home

Hollowbuilt bamboo fly rods are one of my favorite things, which is why I went to the trouble of building a shiny new Web site to feature them.

The new site’s a lot easier to maintain than my old one – and I changed the domain from the way-too-long “DunsmuirRodCompany.com” to the more-concise “Hollowbuilt.com.”

The result should be a Web site that’s more up-to-date, more topical, and yes – more interesting than my old one.

Fortunately, you’re reading one of the best aspects of the hollowbuilt.com – my Rod Builder’s Notebook.

A sort of easily updated news center, I’ll use it to share my latest building information, field tests of fishing rods, and yes – even rod sale and availability information.

Welcome to Hollowbuilt.com; the new home of Raine Hollowbuilt bamboo fly rods on the Internet.

Posted by on October 4th, 2008

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